We ventured further than Georgetown today and took a Hop On Hop Off bus on the beach route, where a whole new world of high-rise apartments lines the north coast of the island. We stopped off at the Tropical Spice Garden for a walk around and had a mid-afternoon lunch of Thai food at the cafe on the grounds.

We sat on the deck overlooking the Strait of Malaka underneath a very large fruiting tree. Any guesses why they named the cafe Tree Monkey?



We took a bus to the base of Penang Hill this morning and then the funicular to the top.

Penang - bus ride to Penang Hill funicular

I took some shots in the garden of David Brown’s restaurant where we had cools drinks and something to energise us for the next leg of this trip.


Instead of getting a return ticket on the funicular, we opted to walk 5 kilometres down the “Jeep Track”, a narrow, winding and steep sealed road. We were rewarded with the sight of a family of Dusky Leaf Monkeys (spectacled langurs) high up in the trees. One for the memory bank as it was too dark for a shot.

Other more common monkeys were plentiful on the way down, grooming and grazing on the side of the road, or just watching the world go by.

We ended the trek at the Botanic Gardens and took a quick trip around in a small tram as the thought of walking had, for some reason, lost its sheen in the heat.