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Today it was south on the Tablelands Highway, a narrow stretch of bitumen through scrubby grassland and then east on the Barkly where the trucks frequent.  Note that no matter how far off the beaten track you go, you can’t forget there’s an election happening.

Tablelands Highway 1

Tablelands Highway 4

Tablelands Highway 3Tablelands Highway 2Barkly Highway 3Barkly Highway 2Barkly Highway 1

Yesterday when we were at Bitter Springs, I said a brief hello to this artist who was working magic with his camera.  Later I overheard him talking about his Facebook page and I wanted to give you the opportunity to see his work.  He is traveling around Australia in a bus and posting a photo a day. His work is catching the attention of Tourism Northern Territory. No wonder.

I hope he won’t mind me sharing this photo he took underwater in the springs yesterday, so you can be tempted to Like his Facebook page and support his work.

Drifting Pixels - Bitter Springs

It was a day full of quirks and curiosities on our way to the Heartbreak Hotel at Cape Crawford, a town that is located 100 plus kilometres south-west of the nearest coast at the Gulf of Carpentaria.

After Mataranka, the signs advertising Fran’s Teahouse in Larrimah were plentiful. It was mid-morning as we arrived and fresh rain water filter coffee sounded like a plan.  She had us hooked with the promise of cold and sweet delights. Until ……..

Fran's Teahouse signFran's TeahouseClosed sign - Fran's Teahouse

So it was on to Daly Waters. I see that Jonno, Nugget and Shuffle had beaten us to the town.

who was here - Daly Waters directional signDaly Waters is the pub.

cartoon history of the pub

Daly Waters pub
traffic lightsNo parking

For the past few days, we’ve been treated to the dressing up of termite mounds along the road. Today’s fashion included a beanie-clad one, with a football jersey and a fishing rod. T-shirts, workmen’s safety vests and slinky little numbers are also common. I cannot vouch for what this does for the health of the termite colony.

Termite mound - dressed for the occasion

In conclusion today, this sign on a water tank at a roadside rest stop. Take a punt people, take a punt.

Water may not be suitable for drinking

After a number of very hot days, it’s been good to stay in places with pools.  Tonight we are at Mataranka in the Northern Territory, camping near the natural hot water swimming hole called Bitter Springs. Attempts at underwater photography varied in quality. Himself, pictured below, is very able to swim deep enough for a passable image to be taken. Myself, not pictured here, had to hang on for dear life to a submerged tree trunk to stay down long enough, resembling a goggle-clad squirrel with nut-filled cheeks as I held my breath.

Bitter Springs - panoramaBitter Springs reflection 1Bitter Springs reflections 2Bitter Springs reflection 3

Bitter Springs - Rob