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Veronica Viva is parked up for a couple of days while TC gets to see a little of Sydney. Yesterday’s highlight started after dark as we set off to see the light installations at the zoo during Sydney’s Vivid Festival. Throw in the usual Vivid standout buildings, a train ride, a ferry ride and a late dinner and it made for a fun night out. Here are some of the highlights (so to speak).

The Sydney Opera House
Vivid - SOH sails 1 - Diptic

Vivid - 7 June 2016 - SOH sailsVivid - 7 June 2016 - SOH sails 3

Taronga Zoo

Vivid 7 June 2016 - Taronga Zoo entrance 1Vivid - Taronga Zoo entry 2

Vivid Taronga Zoo - Diptic 1

Vivid - Taronga Zoo - rhino

Vivid - Diptic 2 - Taronga Zoo

City lights from the harbour and the light show on the Old Customs House
Vivid - 7 June 2016 - city lights incl MCA

Vivid - Customs House - Sydney's Hidden Stories 1

Vivid - Customs House - Sydney's Hidden Stories light show 2

Vivid - Old Customs House - Sydney's Hidden Stories light show


Another day, only this one started with a blue sky and post-storm cell winds, and coffee in Gloucester. Always ask a local (in this case, our host) where to find the best coffee.

Fox Den - Gloucester - 6 June 2016

First stop was Newcastle, a city surrounded by beaches, and bound to provide some striking evidence of the storm. The surfers were taking advantage of the swell near Nobby’s Head as a container ship entered the harbour.

Nobbys Head - Newcastle - 6 June 2016

Nobbys Head - surfer - 6 June 2016

Nobbys Head - surfers - 6 June 2016

Corona Ace - ship into Newcastle Harbour - 6 June 2016Newcastle Harbour - 6 June 2016

Before we arrived at tonight’s destination, we made a stop in McMahon’s Point so that TC could marvel at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. We’re here for a couple of days, and looking forward to some great light displays during the Vivid Festival.

SHB and Opera House - 6 June 2016

Photographs held by family members hold a great deal of social history information especially if accompanied by stories passed down the generations.

These shots may never have been taken had the photographer not had tuberculosis around 60 years ago. While a resident in a sanitorium, a variety of occupational therapies were made available to him and other patients. I never saw the results of his basket weaving skills but these photographs warrant due attention and much respect.

I love their composition, candidness and captures of the moment, especially as they were more than likely taken with a Box Brownie, the most popular available camera in the early 1950s.

family group - Balls Head, Sydney c 1951

grandfather and grandson c 1951

on the beach - Gritty 19


The walk from Bondi Beach in Sydney to Tamarama Beach provides its own sculptural marvels all year round.

This spectacular coastal landscape also hosts the annual Sculpture by the Sea festival, an event that this year will attract close to half a million visitors.


Thursday was the first day and it was good to be there before the visitor numbers build. It was a magical day. Temperatures were on the cooler side, heralding the end of the worst of the bushfire crisis in the Blue Mountains. The skies were clear and Sydney was turning it on big time. To top off the magic, we stopped for a while to watch two young humpback whales apparently competing to show off their breaching and flipper slapping skills.

Here’s but a taste of the 107 pieces on offer this year.


buttress (2012) – Michael Le Grand  ACT


horizon – Lucy Humphrey NSW


horizon (with surfer)


moon buddha – Vince Vozzo NSW


flow – Alison McDonald QLD


goodnight Uncle John – Eko Bambang Wisnu & Ida Lawrence Indonesia / NSW


pallet pavilion – Clayton Blake VIC


folded 3 – Andrew Rogers VIC


sacred space – Dale Miles NSW


passage secret – Silvia Tuccimei Italy


plastic world – Carole Purnelle and Nuno Maya Portugal


fetch – The Winged Collective VIC


girl pointing – Matt Calvert TAS


moment of clarity – David Hashimoto NSW


bubble no: 5 – Qian Sihua China


fallout – Stephen King NSW


a shared weight – Elyssa Sykes-Smith NSW