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They love to spend time making sure that the location of the camp is just right.

Selecting sites

They have a fascination with fire, and a very useful ability to ensure that limited supplies of wood are distributed fairly among all campers at a site to ensure that we get to eat.

Purnululu fire place

My personal favourite. They are VERY good at rigging up a private shower space for use after dusty walks in the Bungle Bungles.

makeshift shower

We spent two days with the walking boots on, clambering over rocks to find palm glades, checking out the panoramic views from lookouts, tramping over river rocks that get smoother with flood waters most wet seasons, but are sucked dry of moisture at this time of the year.

Here are a few of my favourite shots from those walks. You may notice an attempt from me to be artistic somewhere in the mix.

Purnululu panorama

Purnululu - Echidna Gorge

Bungle Bungle honey combs

Bungle Bungle sketch

Bungle Bungle honey combsCathedral Gorge - PurnululuThe Domes 2

Monday 8 July (posted in Marla 10 July)

It was a big party in the house behind the road house last night.  Sound travels well across the flats and the karaoke to end the event at 4.00 am was a nice touch.

Today’s highlight on the road north-west was the mound springs, fresh water ponds of varying heights scattered across the landscape. At the Wabma Kadarbu Conservation Park are The Bubbler and Blanche Cup. The Bubbler 1Blanche CupWe had a lunch (pre-packed to foil those aforesaid flies) at Coward Springs, once a railway siding and now a privately owned camp ground. The owners manage and maintain the site and the old Engineer’s House.

William Creek boasts a pub and a non-descript caravan park. This has been my beer brand of choice on this trip. Just in case anyone was wondering….

Coopers advertisement - William Creek Hotel

We decided to back track and head down 60 kilometres of track to Halligan Bay on Kati Thandi-Lake Eyre. Road into Halligan Bay - Kati Thandi-Lake Eyre It’s an isolated spot. The fact that it took us over 2 hours to traverse those 60 kilometres may explain that few make the effort. In summary, here’s today’s journey.  For the dear reader who loves maps.

Mud map Monday So tonight we are among 3 other campers in this remote place, traditional home of the Arubunna people, on the lake in the dry season.  And this is why it was worth the corrugated road effort!

Kati Thandi - Lake Eyre sands late afternoonKati Thandi - Lake Eyre sunsetKati Thandi - Lake Eyre sunset 3