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Folded pieces of paper tucked into books can reveal themselves decades later. In this case, a poem by Judith Rodriguez. I liked this poem when I wrote it down some decades ago. I still like it.


talking of people

Talking of people I love

I grope for traits

to dignify and endear them, move

you nearer my place

where it’s a celebration to forgive.


And I always fail. I’m staggered

when I start cads,

bigots, hypocrites, blackguards

with my unwary words.

Phrasing all of anyone’s a hazard;


their music comes so varied

it takes thousands

of listening moods to be married

or related. Vows and

gene-sharing have miscarried


oftener, worse than fetuses.

Though you sometimes purchase

illusion, weeding a field that has

upstanding virtues,

there’s a hardy strain in weaknesses


at least for loving: they’re funny

they last. Classic

folly – perhaps too many

for most – emphatically

disgracing us graces the randy


centuries that, hot after living,

warm immortal

gossip, and our rage for believing.

May I glow gaudy

in the spate of a friend’s forgiving!

Judith Rodriguez



Yesterday afternoon we dropped in to see what was left of the England-India match after India were bowled out cheaply for 153 runs. Our visit was all in the name of introducing a Canadian friend to one form of the game of cricket (the One Day International).

As the home team wasn’t playing, attendance figures were very low. It didn’t stop the fans of both teams enjoying the short game. The Barmy Army (England fans) were in full swing and song.

India fans - Brisbane 20 Jan 2014 Pirate Eng v India - 21 Jan 2014 - Brisbane Barmy Army

There’s not a lot of camera action happening at the moment. Something about the summer season and keeping an eye on games of cricket and lolling through days until some sense of purpose returns.

Still, the other night, one of our friendly geckos came close enough within the light of a standard lamp to catch these snaps.

gecko 2 gecko 3 gecko 5