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There is much of the Old Ghan’s history collected along its now defunct train line. Here in Alice Springs, a museum is set up at the old Stuart railway siding.

Ghan interior 4

Old Ghan train interior 2

Steam train

The National Museum of Transport with its truckies’ Hall of Fame has some interesting interiors.

As I am not one of these (and hence did not buy the T-shirt), I amused myself with the camera again.

Truckie girl t-shirtNational Transport Museum - interior

Transport Museum floorNational Truck Museum - plates

It’s a long day trip out to Chambers Pillar from Alice Springs and definitely worth the effort.

Mr Chambers (after whom the Pillar was named) funded John McDouall Stuart’s exploration so Mr Stuart could do nothing less than name this giant clay, sandstone and silt formation after him.

Chambers Pillar 1

graffiti on Chambers Pillar

desert flowers 1

desert flowers 2

On the way out to the pillar is Ewaninga Rock Art Reserve. It is a pretty special place, with a large clay pan water source and amazing 360 degree views of the landscape.

Ewaninga panorama

Claypan at Ewaninga

Yesterday it was time for some sightseeing in and around Alice. Starting in the town centre with the Sunday morning markets and a good cup of coffee, the bougainvillea led your eyes skywards.

Bouganvilea in Alice SpringsThese rock wallabies were sunning themselves, surprisingly on the rocks, above the dry creek bed leading into Simpsons Gap.

Rock wallaby - Simpsons Gap

rock wallaby 2

Further west in the Macdonnell Ranges is Standley Chasm. Look up!

Standley ChasmFlower - Standley Chasm

Saturday 13 July (written 15 July)

After the vandemonium of the past couple of days, it was good to have our attention diverted by the race that stops Alice Springs if not the nation.

The nine-race event that is Camel Cup Day is an annual event that attracts over 5,000 spectators and international attention. This year, a television crew from the Japanese NHK network covered the race.

Here’s just some of the fun.

Camel Cup Day 6

Camel Cup Day 5

Camel Cup Day 1

Camel Cup Day 4

Camel Cup Day 2By happy coincidence, we met up with my family and our fellow travellers at the event.  Dinner at the Hanuman Restaurant in the Hilton Hotel was a fabulous collation of Indian and Thai dishes. Sweet!

11 and 12 July (written in Alice Springs Sunday 14 July)

Did I mention to you that Himself is what I will now refer to as a MIPS? It stands for Master of Improvising and Problem Solving. We should also add the letters SC as well, as in self-control.

Thursday was a long day – all bitumen and lots of kilometres to get to Glen Helen Gorge in the West Macdonnell Ranges.Glen Helen Gorge campsite

This is what the place looked like just before we set up camp for two relaxing days ahead.

Glen Helen Gorge Fri morning 12 July

This is what it looked like very next morning as we were leaving to head back to Alice Springs.

The cable that lifts the pillars when you crank up the van broke, meaning that you could not lift one of the corners without a large amount of effort. You could also not hold it at a height to fit even vertically challenged people in there without some ingenuity (see aforesaid mention of Himself).

By 9.30 am Friday we were in Alice discussing how it might be fixed.

Them: This isn’t unusual. It usually happens when someone forgets to unlatch one of the clips on the roof before cranking it up.

There you have it. A moment of inattention with consequences. I broke the van.

We had to unpack the van’s contents to let Gary (the fixer) dismantle cupboards to get into the wall cavities. As it happens, we are now waiting for a part to come from Adelaide. The contents of most of the van is in the tent with us.

Not too many happy snaps were taken on Friday. It was action stations and then a resignation to tent living for a few days.

We did manage to have a delicious meal at the Glen Helen Lodge on the evening of the incident. Himself is a very patient man. I should tell him that more often.

I should also mention the fellow camper at Glen Helen Gorge who watched the unfolding incident from a short distance and then wandered up to render assistance which went something like this. “You should get that sorted”. Thank you Sir for your kind advice.