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sunset on Cable

camel rides, a drum circle

big crowds at the bar

sunset at Cable Beachdrummers 1 - Cable BeachSunset Bar and Grill

four-wheel drives marshall

camel trains walk up the hill

a small child running


4wd traffic on Cable Beach sunset

Camel train 1 - Cable Beachgirl with camels

a cat on a leash

fence walk caught in silhouette

sunset on Cable

shadow cat at Cable Beach

The first Japanese person was interred in this cemetery in 1896.  There are 919 people buried here, many of whom were pearl divers who either drowned or died from diver’s paralysis, also known as the bends.  In 1908 and 1935, cyclones took a large number of men working on pearl luggers in 1908 and 1935.  Some of the stones, many of them large beach rocks, have shells left as small grave markers by visitors.

Japanese Cemetery Broome 2Japanese Cemetery Broome 1Japanese Cemetery Broome 4Japanese Cemetery Broome 5Japanese Cemetery Broome 6

Dear ones, please don’t be alarmed if suddenly the words drop off the paper as I fall into the first real state of relaxation for more than seven weeks.  We are in Broome.  The van was fixed yesterday so we are no longer living with the risk of roof drop. All the work is out of the way. Today it was time to chill.

Lunch at Zanders on Cable Beach included a cold mango smoothie and this view.

where the fence line meets the horizonThe bathers and umbrellas were like hundreds and thousands on the beach.

Cable beach swimmers

The dune plants were busy restoring the stability of the sand beneath them.

dune flowers - Cable Beach

Over at the port, the commercial transactions on the jetty were taking place alongside stunning beaches, people fishing and birds sunning themselves on the rocks. It’s possible we may be here for sometime.

The Broome Cup is on tomorrow. We are planning an assault on our purses based purely on the names of the nags and the vibe of the thing. I will report the outcome as truthfully as I can bring myself to when the day is done.

Broome Port jetty

Broome seascape 2Broome seascape 1pelicans and friends