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I think the package that arrived in today’s post may turn out to be the best $21.00 plus postage I ever spent. I’d seen them on sale for closer to $90.00, so was pleased to take a chance on this for the price.

It’s an adapter (FOTGA brand) that attaches to Sony E-mount lenses (eg NEX and A6000) to enable the use of Canon EOS lenses. The other factor contributing to the future success of this gamble is that another person in my household happens to own a Canon EOS and assorted lenses.

Within a couple of hours of receipt of the adapter, I’d put it through its paces in the garden. It was not the most suitable day to attempt using the 60mm macro lens. Another storm is brewing and the wind is rising up in micro gusts. I’ve also got to get lots of practice with the shallower depth of fields and, short of using a tripod, find a way to stablise a hand-held Sony A6000 which is being asked to carry the additional weight. The wind was a huge factor in missing the mark on some spider and web shots today.

Here’s what came out of the new combination on the first pass. The only editing that’s taken place is cropping.

Dancing lady orchid - Canon lens attached Hydrangea - Canon 60mm attached African daisy 2 - Canon 60mm attached blueberries - Canon 60mm attached African daisy - Canon Macro 60mm attached