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I was riding shot-camera on the trip back home over the past couple of days. Here are some of the snaps from the camera on the return trip from Orange via the Upper Hunter Valley and the Liverpool Plains before heading up the New England Highway from Willow Tree onwards. We were moving in and out of drought affected areas on the way.

Some of the known locations in this series are Merriwa (the corrugated iron mural section) Burrendong Dam (currently at 18% capacity) and Willow Tree railway crossing. They are not in linear order. As these road trips remind me of holiday trips from many years ago, I’ve applied some vintage treatment to them all.

DSC04143 DSC04149 DSC04165 DSC04148 grazing sheep - Vintage Red DSC04177 DSC04191 dam levels low

I’ve been timing my coast walks close to high tide so it was after 2pm that I made today’s trek. The only shore birds evident were the usual suspects, these Black-winged Stilts. They were mostly intent on holding the same pose. As I was leaving, I caught sight of a Greater Egret wading around the mangroves.

b&w stilts - OP - 1 Sept 2014

I watched him catch two fish and then took a few unspectacular photographs from my vantage point.

greater egret - OP 1 Sep 2014Once done fishing, the bird took off in a hurry. Any shot of his departure was going to be miraculous. You’ll notice that the camera (and the photographer) did manage to get the mangroves in focus.

Egret takes flight - FX Pacific 20

I arrived at the Point an hour later than yesterday’s trek which meant that the incoming tide was closer to the shore. Today’s shots have very little or no effects work done on them with the exception of the stilts in flight photo which has a touch of Vintage using FX Photo Studio Pro.

You might notice a ring in towards the end. I was lying in a prone position so as not to disturb the shore birds. Suddenly he was half a metre away from my face. He was totally unfazed and not about to let a strange human on the grass disturb his food hunt.

Oyster Point 3 - 28 Aug 2014 - no effectsOyster Point 1 - 27 Aug 2014 - tilt shift

Oyster Point 8 - 27 Aug 2014 - no effectsOyster Point 9 - 27 Aug 2014 - tilt shiftOyster Point 4 - 27 Aug 2014 - no effectsOyster Point 010 - 27 Aug 2014 - Low Vintage FXOyster Point 7 - 27 Aug 2014