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For the first couple of nights in Nai Yang Beach, we ate in an open air restaurant on the beach. Last night, with a storm on the way, we chose a place with undercover options. The lightning show did not disappoint.

It’s been a relaxing day today. Breakfast on the beach with a lizard as companion, a ten-minute trip to Nai Thon beach for lunch and a change of scenery.

Tomorrow we will be on our way to the airport by 5.15 am to travel to Mandalay via Bangkok. This afternoon, we’ll take another beach swim in water so salty that it’s impossible not to float in it.

Evening storm - Nai Yang - 29 April 2015Lizard - Nai Yang beach - 30 April 2015Frangipani - Nai Thon BeachNai Thon Beach - 30 April 2015

If Patong were a celeb, it’d be sprawled over the covers of trashy mags daily. It’s Charlie Sheen’s drug-induced meltdowns, Pammy’s boob job and Hugh Grant’s indiscretions. Its knack for turning the midlife crisis into a full-scale industry makes it rampant with unintentional comedy and the only thing pure is the white sand on the beach. If you wanna party, come to Patong.

Lonely Planet – Pocket Phuket

Here’s a selection of shots from today’s visit to Patong Beach.

Patong 5 Patong BeachPatong 3Patong 2Patong 4Patong 1

At the end of a long day which included an early start, a long flight on a budget airline where the people in front had their seats on the very biggest recline, an airport layover in Singapore, another flight and a taxi ride, there is nothing like a cold beer, banana roti and a mojito to ease the pain. (Nai Yaing, Phuket, Thailand).Plane seat - ScootBanana roti - Nai Yang BeachMojito on Nai Yang Beach - Phen's