Monthly Archives: March 2015

If you measure the success of a day out by the number of customers, and the hopes you had of selling enough of your items so as to cover a bit more than the cost of your site and a cup of coffee, then it was disappointing.

If you measure the success of a day out by the opportunity to people watch, by the breeze and overcast skies that tempered the heat, and by conversations with fellow suitcase fillers, it was a good day.


Suitcase rummage 28 March 2015 - 1

Suitcase Rummage 28 March 2015 - 3 Suitcase Rummage 28 March 2015 - 2

Suitcase Rummage - 28 March 2015 - 4

When life (or your lemon tree) gives you lemons, here’s one way to manage the overflow when they choose to ripen at the same time. Given the number of lemons required to provide juice for the liquid, just the one sealed glass jar is now stashed away in the bottom of the pantry to do its thing. We’ll be able to gauge the success of this afternoon’s fun with salt and lemons in about a month’s time.

I followed this recipe from She Cooks She Gardens. Thanks, Erin Brooks!

preserved lemons 2preserved lemons 3preserved lemons 4

It continues to be a challenge for me to find ways of improving focus points, both their selection and execution, when depth of field is so shallow using the Canon Macro Lens with an adapter on the Sony A6000.

Today the dome spider helped out a little bit by being in a position that I could catch some profiles and get some semblance of focus on his eyes and across other parts of its body.

Today’s shots are untreated except the last two which have been cropped.

Dome spider - profile- watermarkedDome spider profile - front - 3 March 2015- watermarkedDome spider face - 3 March 2015- watermarkedCropped webhold - dome spider 3 March 2015- watermarked-1

This young magpie and his mother are regular visitors to our back yard. While I was hunting for new spiders this morning, they descended onto the fence. I lifted the camera to take a quick shot of the two of them, when  ……. Young magpie and mother - 2 March 2015- watermarked

It’s a windy day today with blue-glare skies, the kind of wind that feels like it might blow in a storm, or not.

The dome spider’s web is holding firm. Today’s first picture may not hit the mark as far as macro-focus goes, but it does show that this spider is not letting go, no matter how bumpy the ride.

dome spider - web aerials - Grunge 17 - 2 March- watermarkedDome spider 2 March 2015 - Grunge 17- watermarked-2Dome spider web - 2 March 2015 - Grunge 17- watermarked