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There seems to be a wet flowers theme developing. The garden ponds brought by heavy rain have drained away and the wind is doing its best to dry out the place, despite occasional showers.

Here’s the pick of this afternoon’s photographic expedition into the garden. I had to go scrambling for the garden text books to identify this plant, Portulaca Grandiflora.

Portulaca 1

Portulaca 2

Portulaca 3

Portulaca 4

Portulaca 5

The rain is descending in proverbial bucket loads today as a result of a cyclone hundreds of kilometres north of Brisbane. We can expect the rain to continue falling for at least another couple of days as we watch the impacts of this latest storm come to light.

Up until today, I’ve not ventured out into the rain with the camera. It’s still dark outside despite the fact that it’s mid-morning. Here are the results with no flash and a shutter speed of 1/1250.

flower in rain stormflower in rain storm 2

It’s Saturday morning. In between the very welcome showers of rain, I’ve taken the camera into the garden. Still getting hit and miss results with where the focus lands. I’m enjoying the surprises though.

after the rain 3

after the rain 2after the rain 1

after the rain 5after the rain 6after the rain 4


I’ve been testing the new Sony A6000 particularly as it relates to ISO noise. The light sensitivity of these cameras is very impressive, particularly when you think back to using 35mm film, when 400 ISO could give you grainy results in low light. These Clivia photographs were taken mid-afternoon in the shade of a large tree.

ISO 640 123mm  f5.6  1/200 sec


ISO 1250  170mm  f6.3  1/320 sec


ISO 2500  200mm  f6.3  1/400 sec