Another small homestay last night with three gers. The central ger was decorated in Kazakh style and it’s where we ate dinner and where the owner, drivers and travellers sleep. The woman who runs this homestay is very cool. She also knows the value of brewed coffee at breakfast time.


After dinner a carload of people turned up in what turned out to be a joint effort to straighten the ger frame that had moved in heavy winds.

It was fun to watch. The final coverings were replaced well after the nine o’clock sunset and well after we went to bed.

We flew into Ulan Bataar yesterday evening just before eight when the sun was still up enough to give an indication of the mountains surrounding the city. Once settled in, we had a bonus get-together with two old colleagues of Himself and got familiar with the local beers.



We have stripped back our bags for the next 8 days or so to get out into some of this wide open spaces. It was out of the city early and not too long before horses became the morning’s theme.

The stainless steel edifice of Genghis Khan was indeed impressive, particularly as we had the whole place to ourselves for the best part of the visit. Himself got up close and personal with a golden eagle, many of which we hope to see in the wild in coming days.


We’re having a quiet afternoon before taking a hike in Terelj National Park to a nearby temple. We are staying with a family in a group of gers surrounded by rocky cliffs and mountains. It’s a full moon tonight so the after dinner views should be special.



The weather was forecast earlier this week to be overcast and rainy, but it came good with enough wind to let the sun shine through. Here are some landscape highlights from coastal scenes to a mid-afternoon walk around the top of an old volcanic plug.

Marrawah at the start of the Takine Drive


Arthur River and Edge of the World


near Kanunnah Bridge upstream on the Arthur River


We took the chairlift up to The Nut which stands above the town of Stanley. and walked down because the lift closed before our descent.  A new and temporary feature of this blog is “Where’s Bec?”, brought to you via a current family joke. Normal service will resume when she is far enough away again to do me no harm.








Last night we ate very well at a local noodle and dumpling place for around A$7.00. 

Tonight we visited the Kebaya Dining Room for a set menu with a wonderful fusion of Nyonya and modern flavours. Not the same price as last night’s meal but great value nevertheless. 

A few highlights from today.

Tracking down more street art murals.  In this mix is Brother and Sister on a Swing and Children Playing Basketball by Louis Gan, a Penang-born artist and The Real Bruce Lee Would Never Do This, a piece from the 101 Lost Kittens project. 

If you happen to be walking down near the wharves, it’s not hard to tell that a new cruise liner has arrived in town.

Penang - cruise ship in town

And a Georgian house, restored to its early 19th century state. The restaurant upstairs in Suffolk House caters for lunches and afternoon teas.