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cakesTen days ago we were heading back from Stradbroke Island with the knowledge that I was more than likely going to receive a diagnosis of breast cancer on the following day.  I don’t imagine that the topic of my health is going to feature highly on this blog over coming months. However, the occasional poem may emerge midst all of the ‘usual’ fare.

Here’s my attempt to make sense of the last fortnight. With gratitude to Patti Digh for the last line.

figs and sugar plums



a soak in the bath

liquid surrounds

random self-examination

an anomaly

that’s what we’ll call it for now

a rescheduled appointment

a confirmation

the anomaly has a new label

the biopsies

the waiting

two days on the island

beach camping

nature offers welcome distractions

wind, rain, birds, sea, sand

the GP visit

another confirmation

sleeping tablets suggested

red wine substitutes

liquid sleeping draft

the alcohol free zone can start tomorrow

calls made

commitments cancelled

the surgeon

a date

admission forms

gratitude for insurance

the airport

the family rallying

afternoon tea cakes

totem selfies

shopping for sleepwear

fresh vegetables and fruit for juicing

liquid green

a photo walk to the point on dusk

the hospital

gift packs, flowers

a cushion for afterwards

compression stockings

information pack overload

making blue people from surgical gloves

the glare of theatre lights

an anaesthetist with a Scottish accent


liquid sleep


eyes open

clock on the wall

rating the pain

liquid comfort

ice chips

sandwiches and rice pudding for dinner

half-hourly observations

normal sleep position unattainable

late night television

black and white reruns

a hungry plea before the breakfast run

honey toast and coffee delivered

liquid sweetness

morning shower

surveying the battle ground scattered with blue dye

more of a skirmish really

two incision scars, new shapes to learn


social groups on offer

introvert wants to run for the hills at the very suggestion

new phrases join the soon-to-be common lexicon


well wishes from all quarters

temporary restrictions dawning

new routines necessary

the vegetable garden is getting an extension

as loved ones focus on the ordinary

maintain a piece of the normal

the waiting

in between the surgery and tomorrow’s conversation

and now, just today

liquid salt

hello moment, I’m here

Lynn Buckler Walsh

mangroves 1

On the hunt for some more photo effect applications, I stumbled upon Grungetastic

It’s amazing what visual joy can be created via the wonder of technology from your very own photographs.  In the examples below, the photos were all taken with an iPhone 5.

Now to set my mind on a way to reproduce favourite visuals into tangible objects.

Back yard poinciana

original photo using fisheye lens on iPhone -> Waterlogue effect -> Grungetastic

Fern garden - fisheye

Painted in Waterlogue

Fern garden - fisheye - Waterlogue - Grungetastic effects

Cottage garden in Bothwell, Tasmania.

Original iPhone photos -> Grungetastic (Pop Grunge effect with variations)

Cottage garden #1

Cottage garden - Grungetastic - Pop Grunge 16 with variations

Cottage garden #2Cottage garden - Grungetastic - Pop Grunge 20 variation #2

Cottage garden #3Cottage garden - Grungetastic - Pop Grunge 20 variation

As if I’m not already the most easily distracted person on the planet, “Squirrel!”, along comes an app that does this!  It’s called Waterlogue and works on the iPhone and iPad.  HT to Betsy Edwards for sharing.

So I had to have a play with it.  So far, the best results I’ve had have been on photos of flowers. I’ve included some of the original pics for comparison.

bromeliad pic Painted in Waterlogue

IMG_2271Painted in WaterlogueIMG_2225Painted in Waterlogue

IMG_2275Painted in Waterlogue

Painted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in WaterloguePainted in Waterlogue