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The Minneapolis Institute of Art is hosting the exhibition Martin Luther: Art and the Reformation, marking 500 years since the religious Reformation in Europe led by Martin Luther. The exhibits included scriptures and posters, paintings, objects, textiles and objects relating to Luther’s life.

This reconstructed space includes furniture from “The Luther Room” in Wittenburg.



Luther delivered his last sermon from this pulpit on 15 February 1546. The object itself dates back to 1518.


As well as items specific to Luther and his work, are contemporary items with which he would have been familiar. This is a hood worn by a plague doctor. The beak was usually “filled with herbs or sponges soaked with fragrant oils to ward off the putrid “miasma” thought to carry disease.


We visited on Wednesday 9 November, just after listening on the radio to Hillary Clinton’s concession speech. This notice on the consultation process with interfaith advisors was seemingly prescient.

“While the religious arguments of the 1500s may seem distant, present-day rhetoric around religion remains dangerously divisive. Perceiving those with different beliefs as the “other” as Luther wrote of Jews and Muslims, still happens and negatively impacts the lives of our neighbours and community members.

Through honest and respectful dialogue, our advisors are working toward a more inclusive society, and believe that exhibitions such as this one can foster similar conversations leading to understanding and empathy. We encourage you to have those conversations and find what binds us together – while celebrating our differences.”