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This young magpie and his mother are regular visitors to our back yard. While I was hunting for new spiders this morning, they descended onto the fence. I lifted the camera to take a quick shot of the two of them, when  ……. Young magpie and mother - 2 March 2015- watermarked

It’s Saturday morning. In between the very welcome showers of rain, I’ve taken the camera into the garden. Still getting hit and miss results with where the focus lands. I’m enjoying the surprises though.

after the rain 3

after the rain 2after the rain 1

after the rain 5after the rain 6after the rain 4


Today there are some spiders and ants in the garden wondering why they’re not being subjected to the proximity of a camera lens. That’s only because I was cutting strawberries to add to my breakfast this morning when I suddenly thought, what if ….

orange 3orange 2orange 1strawberry 1strawberry 2eggplant 1walnut 2walnut 1