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A great opportunity presented itself today in the form of a drawing workshop (my first) at the ignite redlands light arts festival in Cleveland.

Artist Leigh Camilleri was our teacher and charcoal was the forgiving and filthy medium.

We began with tentative first drawings of our model.  Then contour drawings (no peeking now!).  Each step of the way, Leigh shared her considerable knowledge and dared us to be brave.

I loved working with the charcoal. The eraser and my hands became part of the play as we worked and reworked the final drawing (see the last two images) as a whole and in segments.

I learned so much in such a short time and will happily head back to the classroom later in the year after our big road trip which is approaching fast.


Another evening sketching the shoes at the end of crossed legs.  Pencil, then some marker play.  I’m quite happy with the blending effect on the jeans element.


I can’t remember when I drew this.  I was sitting by a public swimming pool in Mackay while the kids in the family played nearby.  It could be 7 years ago, but I think it’s longer – probably more like 15 years ago on an earlier visit.  I had purchased some watercolour pencils and had some time to play with them.

It was a nice surprise to find this as I was looking for sketch materials to take on a long trek west that begins late next month.

Pool - Mackay c 1990s

Parson's chameleon

May I formally introduce Calumma parsonii.

He brings back memories of rainy night walks to find these amazing reptiles in Madagascar.

The lesson from this drawing – more practice required to find the balance between the intricate detail and ‘less is more’.