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Tuesday 2 July (posted in Birdsville on 3 July)

The prologue

As I write this, my traveling companion is in the front line managing an influx of insects attracted by the light.

To begin

Another beautiful day in Innamincka that began with a decision to head towards Birdsville after a visit to King’s site.  By King, I mean John King.  By John King, I mean (IMHO) the only sensible one in the Burke and Wills expedition. The one who was discovered by the search party sent off to discover the whereabouts of them all.  King was looked after by the Yandruwandha aboriginal people after the death of Wills and then Burke.

It was such a peaceful place with so many bird varieties on this sleepy bend on Coopers Creek.

Finch at King's siteBudgies - King's site

unknown bird - King's sitePelican at King's site

Six hours on the road and the dust is settling, so to speak.  Everywhere.

red sand - Innamincka to Birdsville

Corillo Downs Station has the largest shearing shed in Australia, and a few gates on the road. We were the grateful recipients of what I will now call “etiquette of the gate” when others saw our dust coming and waited for us to go through.

Shut the gate!

on the road to Birdsville Tues

Road to Birdsville - afternoon

Birdsville is a long stretch from Innamincka on these roads, so we looked out for Cadelga Homestead Ruins as a possible free overnight camp. At 4 pm, voila!

Ruins panorama

Callega Ruins

Ruins 4

 Ruins 3

 Sepia vehicle and ruins

The watercourse was teeming with galahs with wild ducks, smaller birds and darts adding to the sounds.

As the sun disappeared on the day thus did the temperature drop.

galahs - Cadelga Ruins

Sunset - Callega Ruins