Daily Archives: 07/06/2018

We flew into Murun this afternoon on our way to Khuvsgul National Park. A small deviation brought us to the collection of carved deer stones at Uushigiin Uver, believed to be 2500 to 4000 years old. The stones include carvings of deer, archery items, the sun and hunan heads.

The goats and sheep could care less.

We arrived at Lake Khuvghul around 7.00 pm in time for dinner, and the first guests of the season at this camp.


Another small homestay last night with three gers. The central ger was decorated in Kazakh style and it’s where we ate dinner and where the owner, drivers and travellers sleep. The woman who runs this homestay is very cool. She also knows the value of brewed coffee at breakfast time.


After dinner a carload of people turned up in what turned out to be a joint effort to straighten the ger frame that had moved in heavy winds.

It was fun to watch. The final coverings were replaced well after the nine o’clock sunset and well after we went to bed.