Japan: Kyoto – an afternoon in Gion

We discovered a delightful breakfast cafe just around the corner from our hotel in suburban Osaka this morning. The regular clientele were all elderly citizens, one of whom rushed to clear a table space for us as we entered. We had a breakfast set which included a small potato salad, raisin toast, a hard-boiled egg and tea/coffee for which we parted with the princely sum of 700 yen (A$8.60).

Back to the train network and on to Kyoto. We are staying in Gion, a famous geisha district. In Kyoto, the local word for geisha is geiko or “women of art”.

Our first port of call was the Forever Museum of Contemporary Art and an exhibit of the work of Yayoi Kusama.

Then, a leisurely stroll around the district to see Yasaka-jinja Shrine and Yasaka Pagoda.


A photograph of this stunning opera cake with matcha mandala drew us in to the Salon de Kanbayashi for tea and coffee.

There were lots of beautiful kimono on show this afternoon. No doubt there will be more to see in the days ahead.

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