Daily Archives: 08/05/2018

This morning we took a train to Okayama and the Sukara Shinkansen to Osaka.

Osaka Castle and its associated buildings were built in 1583 by General Hideyoshi Toyotomi. Things didn’t end well for him when the castle was destroyed in 1614 by an opposing Shogun and his armies.

After the history lesson, we took the subway to Shinsaibashi and wandered around the neighbourhoods in the vicinity of the Dotombori Bridge. As the evening was approaching, the shopping precinct switched up a notch with the noise and neon that comes with a vibrant night club and karaoke scene.

Osaka is the home of Takoyaki and Okonomiyaki and other food delights including the famous blowfish which requires a skilled knife chef to extract those parts of the fish that won’t kill you.

Did I mention the rain?


At lunch today, before we visited to the Castle, we were given a lesson in how to manage soy sauce and chilli oil for gyoza. The woman sitting beside us in the cheap and cheerful establishment reached across to our table and gave us a welcome education.

Tonight we are in a cool semi-backpacker location near Bentencho Station about 20 minutes by subway from the centre of the city. We have a turntable and vinyl records, specifically Freddie Mercury and the Nolan Sisters, at our disposal.