Daily Archives: 07/05/2018

The best laid plans et al were foiled today by wet weather. We had hoped to take a ferry across to Naoshima (or Art Island) for the day to soak up some outdoor art.

Instead, we had a late start, bought tomorrow’s train tickets for Osaka and caught a bus down the road to Risurin-Koen, a Michelin-rated garden established in 1642. Most of today’s photographs are one-handed specials because, umbrella.

Despite the rain, it was worth the visit. The garden boasts a grove of cycads over 300 years old and several tea houses, one of which (Kikugetsu-tei) is named from a Tang era Chinese poem and translates as “When I scoop up the water, I hold the moon in my hands.”

lrg_dsc03658In 1647, the first lord of Takamatsu brought the ceramics master, Kita Rihe’e Shigetoshi) from Kyoto to create this nine-story pagoda.


We stopped at a little place for Oyakodon (chicken egg rice) and tea. They were selling sticks of Japanese sweet rice flour dumplings (dango) in three flavours – plain, Japanese herb and cherry blossom.