Daily Archives: 06/05/2018

We picked up another rental car just for today for the trip east and north to Takamatsu. The weather forecast was for rain later in the day and so it was.

The early morning view from our hotel window provided our last view of Matsuyama Castle (top left hand corner) and its moat.


To save time, we took the expressway part of the way, missing our planned exit. Sometimes navigation glitches bring unexpected surprises along the way.


First pit stop of the day was in white-water rafting territory and the gusty winds were making these carp kites dance above the river.

Next stop was the Kazura-bashi, an old vine bridge, but not before having some of our first takoyaki of the trip.


In the tiny village of Nagaro are the most delightful collection of life-sized, scarecrow like dolls created by local resident Ayano Tsukimi. On porches and in gardens, or sitting by the side of the road, they memorialise former inhabitants of the town. These are but a few of them.


We arrived in Takamatsu after dark in heavy rain after navigating winding narrow roads down from Mount Tsurugi to the busier yet easier roads into the city. Tonight’s meal was very welcome coming straight after being bamboozled by our first self-serve petrol bowser, checking in to our digs for the next two nights, and returning the rental car.