Daily Archives: 03/05/2018

Blue skies and a fresh Spring day greeted us as we collected our car from the automated parking tower and wound our way out of the city via the stone bridges on the river.


We returned to Fukuoka and Hakata Station for our first and only Shinkansen ride for this trip. Just an hour and 5 minutes travel time sure beats the times we’ve been getting on the road with mostly 50 kilometre per hour speed limits.


Genbaku Domo or the Atomic Bomb Dome is one of the most poignant symbols of World War II and the way that it ended in those first few days of August 1945.


Today was Constitution Memorial Day in Japan which coincided with the first day of the Hiroshima Flower Festival. Everyone was out and about.


The reconstructed Hiroshima Castle was our last port of call before heading out to dinner and enjoying our first Okonomiyaki (what you like grilled), a kind of layered pancake with everything.