Daily Archives: 01/05/2018

img_1817Last night we walked past a restaurant that we heard before we saw it. We decided to get in on some of the fun tonight at Ni-No-Ni on a rainy night in Fukuoka.

We ordered eggplant, green vegetables, pork and garlic shoots and dumplings. Sesame balls with red bean paste and almond tofu with black sesame seeds topped off the meal.

Ohori Koen is host to birds, turtles and large carp in the lake. It’s a great open space incorporating many attractions and old ruin sites. Unfortunately, Fukuoka Art Gallery and the Japanese Garden were closed today, the former due to a large-scale renovation which will be completed in 2019.


Kouroken was once an ancient guesthouse which was only discovered less than forty years ago. They excavated the site and uncovered many artefacts belonging to migrants from Iran who travelled along the old Silk Roads.



There is not much remaining of the old Fukuoka Castle save for some ramparts, which provide a great view of the park and the city.

Hakata and Fukuoka were once two townships. The Hakata Machiya Folk Museum recreates a piece of Hakata Old Town and has some delightful exhibits including an old Kinetoscope with painted back drops and holograms to beef up the technology.

The Museum has a display of beautiful Hakata dolls which are hand-painted ceramic pieces. Today, a Hakata-ori weaver was on site demonstrating her craft.