Japan – Iwamizawa – gateway to geese

We are in Iwamizawa tonight because it’s just half an hour’s drive to Miyajima Numa or Marsh. What’s so special about a marsh? This one is a registered Ramsar wetlands and at this time of the year, for just a couple of weeks, it hosts up to 60,000 Greater White-fronted Geese (真雁).

They stop off on their migration route to their summer home in Siberia, feasting on the after-harvest rice grains in local farms (not so much of a problem), then moving on to pre-harvest wheat if the other food source runs out.

Mass movement of the geese at dawn and dusk is the attraction. We dropped in for the sunset show and were not disappointed, save for a wee bit of camera lens envy. So here, with only a 200mm lens, are some photos that hopefully convey the action as the sun disappeared over the water.


today’s haiku

on long haul geese flights

en route to Siberia

a short stopover

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