Japan: bears, fallow fields and geese

Day two in the car on Hokkaido. Today’s breakfast and lunch provisions were courtesy of 7-11, the convenience store with all that the hungry traveller needs.

First stop today was Bear Mountain, a forest reserve for Japanese Brown Bears set in the midst of ski resorts. We chose to walk along the high boardwalks in the centre to view the bears as they wander about.

We drove back to Furano via Lake Kanayama and had our first experience of putting petrol in the vehicle. Japan has lots of full service stations, all included with the price of the fuel. So no wrangling with the petrol bowser was required.

We spent the afternoon driving around the farmlands of this region. Visiting flower and lavender farms aren’t as much fun when the flowers are not quite ready to bloom. Still, there were a few shots of colour to make it worthwhile.

The landscape of mountains, fast flowing icy rivers and forests was improved today by a bright sun and sky.

The day was topped off by a visit to Miyajima Marsh where we watched thousands of geese return after a day out feeding on spent rice fields. Today’s other post features the geese.

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