Japan – Sapporo to Furano by car

We’ll be moving around the middle and south of the island of Hokkaido over the next couple of days. This map via Japan Ryokan and Hotel Association might assist as a reference point for some of the place names.

Hokkaido Map - ryokan.or.jp


Our activities today were brought to us by the first rental car of this trip. No need to type in your Japanese destination on the GPS, thank goodness. Simply put the phone number or map code of your destination into the system and voila!

All went pretty smoothly except for a road closure later in the day that required a considerable deviation, but we made it to Furano in time for dinner.

First stop today was Otaru and its old canal and warehouses.



 Then it was on to Yoichi and the Nikka Whisky Distillery, which rates its own post next up.

The landscape was stunning, particularly as we climbed higher. We also had a fox and a deer sighting.


This is Mount Yotei, an active volcano which last erupted around 1050 BC.


Tonight’s meal was at Kumagera (The Black Woodpecker), a Japanese Regional restaurant with great atmosphere. Himself had the Furano speciality, omelette curry rice which he appeared to enjoy very much.

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