Daily Archives: 26/04/2018

This morning we flew north to the island of Hokkaido. We made an early morning subway journey, miraculously avoiding the infamous rush hour at Tokyo Metro Station, reserved seats for our purchased NEX Express tickets, and bought a scratch breakfast for the ride out to Narita.


The flight north was a treat, with views of spectacular snow-covered mountains.

We caught a bus into Sapporo after my beginner’s language skills prompted the bus  attendant to go out of his way to assist me to purchase the tickets from a vending machine.

Our digs for the next two days have everything we need, including a laundry on the premises. The size of the room gives new meaning to the term living in each other’s pocket. At least we get the opportunity to be very polite to each other every time one of us needs to move about in the space

Enough of the minutiae, today’s Sapporo activities included:

A walk through Odori Park towards the Sapporo TV Tower. The cherry and plum blossoms are due with just a few deciding to bloom.


A lift to the top of the Sapporo TV Tower with views of the city.


A train ride and walk to Sapporo Beer Museum for an educational experience, perhaps not the major motivation for the visit, and some tastings.


This was followed by a lamb and vegetable dinner named Genghis Khan by the beer garden operators.


We are back in our tiny room on this quite cold night in Sapporo. Tomorrow we will seek out this city’s famous seafood and Ramen Alley, and head up to the heights for a larger perspective on this port surrounded by mountains.