Malaysia: Bako National Park in Sarawak

This is the landing point to Bako National Park in Sarawak. From Kuching, it’s an hour by road and thirty minutes up the river. Even in the early morning, the humidity was high and the sun strong.
bako-5-landing-point-off-the-boat  bako-7-landing-point bako-8-welcome-sign

Can’t post all of the photos I took, but you have another fifteen to scroll through to get a taste of the park and its inhabitants, large and small. It was well worth the hard yards in the heat.

First, the tiniest creatures we came across – mini crabs with one claw larger than the rest of their body, a mudskipper in the mangrove mud and termites on the move and a hermit crab in a borrowed shell.





Many of the palm trees have strong defence mechanisms.


Bearded pigs dig their way around the island with their very large snouts. 


Bako is one of the few places that proboscis monkeys are found. We came across this fellow high above us on the path. My apologies for his immodesty in the second photo.


The park also has macaque monkeys who can be quite aggressive if you are carrying food on your walk.


At the end of the visit, I was treated to some alone time with a group of silver langurs before other people discovered them close to the beach.






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