Walking down Minnehaha Creek to the Mississipi River

It was blue sky and a quiet peace all the way on a morning walk from Minnehaha Falls down Minnehaha Creek to the point where it joins the Mississipi River. To top off the walk, I spotted my very first woodpecker (a Red-bellied Woodpecker).



The bird was very active among the trees and hard to capture in the shadows. I have heavily cropped and pushed the photo.


  1. Alex Spathis said:

    Hi Lynn – I came across your 2011 blog on Kathleen Muriel Butler – I researching for a poem and was interested to know if she resigned from her position ehen whe got married in 1927. The Bridge opened in 1932, so not sure if she was still working with Bradfield ? Any ideas on that ?
    Thanks – Alex

    • Not sure I can help on this question, Alex. My blog by its very nature picks up snippets from old newspapers with an aim of prompting others to look deeper if interested. Love that you are writing about her. She seemed like an interesting woman. Cheers. Lynn

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