Daily Archives: 31/10/2016

It’s an atypical 29 degrees C (84F) at 3.30 pm on a late October Sunday. The trees are slow to turn this year but I got a great taste of autumn colour on a morning walk with friends on the King’s Trail at  Stone Mountain Park just outside of Atlanta.


Saturday included a late breakfast in Decatur followed by a wander around the neighbourhood. This Little Free Library is at Decatur City Hall. My hosts have one themselves and I’ve been honoured with the task of making the next selection of books.


This largely children’s bookshop is called The Little Shop of Stories and I got to meet a local author of Young Adult Books. Took me back to my days as a librarian.


I can’t finish the weekend post without mentioning the baseball, although, if the Cubs don’t win tonight, I may never be able to mention baseball to my lovely hosts again during my visit. (Go Cubs!)