Daily Archives: 14/07/2016

A few weeks ago, spurred on by someone else, I started to play with linocut block printing. So far it’s going really well if you take the fun factor into account. Am seeing improvements each time, although still working out the right amount of ink to apply.

The biggest lesson is knowing when to stop cutting.

I’m using my old photographs and selecting those that don’t require too much detail while I’ve still got my L Plates on.

Kimberley dragonfly - green ink - linocut
Gumnuts - grey ink - linocutGumnuts - green on pink - linocut

Grey kangaroo and older joey - green on grey - linocutMagpie at Oyster Point - black ink - linocutMagpie at Oyster Point - blue on black - linocutmagpie-approaching-pop-grunge-2-fx-ancient-smMagpie in flight - black ink base - linocutMagpie in flight - grey on black - linocut