The Veronica chronicles: last days

As I write this, TC is winging her way homewards. Veronica Viva is basking in the fact that she carried us over 3000 kilometres (close to 2000 miles) in just 12 days.

On Tuesday we left Melbourne for the longest day’s drive of the road trip aiming to put Sydney within easy striking distance yesterday. We made it to the town of Yass just after nightfall, but not before a pit stop in Gundagai.

When in Gundagai, it’s customary to visit the Dog on the Tuckerbox. Here is TC looking suitably, and politely, impressed as the sun sets behind her.

Gundagai - Dog on the Tuckerbox

Winter has been slow to arrive this year, but Yass did not disappoint yesterday morning, providing us with the first zero temperatures (Celsius) of the trip and a decent fog to drive through after breakfast before the sun burned it off.

Hume Highway - Yass to Sydney

TC’s last night was spent in Sydney, including Thai take away food and some time with my family – and packing!

It was super busy at the airport this morning, but we made time for farewells. We stacked up lots of memories on this trip, including a number of video “Carpool Karaokes” in the can for our future amusement. Because, as you know, what happens on the road stays on the road.

Sydney Int Airport - 16 June 2016 - 1




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