The Veronica chronicles: Lakes Entrance to Phillip Island

Tonight’s post is a short and sweet summary, due largely to slow internet speed. Here’s the summary of a good day’s driving in Victoria’s east.

Saturday morning after rain fell during the night at Shelley Beach near Lakes Entrance.

Shelley Beach near Lakes Entrance - 11 June 2016

Shelley Beach am 11 June 2016

An unintentional but delightful visit to Lake Tyers and some black swans just down from where we were staying.

Lake Tyers - 11 June 2016Lake Tyers 1 - 11 June 2016Lake Tyers - TC - 11 June 2016

We drove through driving rain towards Phillip Island and a cold date with hundreds of penguins who came ashore just after dark. Photographs of the Fairy Penguins are strictly forbidden. While we were waiting a pair of Cape Barren geese were grazing nearby.

Waiting for penguins - 11 June 2016Cape Barren Geese - Phillip Island

How to warm up after shivering down by the beach? Thai food, that’s how.

Thai on the Island - Cowes - 11 June 2016

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