The Veronica chronicles: Sydney to Canberra

Day 5 was a quiet day. TC took herself off to explore the city and came home in time to make us popcorn.

Popcorn - 8 June 2016

Lavender - Berrima - 9 June 2016With only 3 hours of actual driving ahead of us on Day 6, we took our time heading down the Hume Highway towards Canberra via the Southern Highlands.

TC was a little discombobulated when I suggested that we hold off our first coffee stop until we got down the road an hour or so. The little town of Berrima worked its charm, especially AFTER the coffee and food.

Devonshire tea - Berrima - 9 June 2016


Lolly Shop
The Lolly Swagman - Berrima - 9 June 2016

Then it was on to Goulburn and the Alpaca Centre where the owner, Bill, gave us an insight into the manufacture of a large range of clothing items.

Alpaca Centre - Goulburn - 9 June 2016Before dark, we were driving past the often waterless basin of Lake George and into Canberra for an overnight stay before heading further south tomorrow.

Lake George ACT - panorama - 9 June 2016

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