The Veronica chronicles: Gloucester to Sydney

Another day, only this one started with a blue sky and post-storm cell winds, and coffee in Gloucester. Always ask a local (in this case, our host) where to find the best coffee.

Fox Den - Gloucester - 6 June 2016

First stop was Newcastle, a city surrounded by beaches, and bound to provide some striking evidence of the storm. The surfers were taking advantage of the swell near Nobby’s Head as a container ship entered the harbour.

Nobbys Head - Newcastle - 6 June 2016

Nobbys Head - surfer - 6 June 2016

Nobbys Head - surfers - 6 June 2016

Corona Ace - ship into Newcastle Harbour - 6 June 2016Newcastle Harbour - 6 June 2016

Before we arrived at tonight’s destination, we made a stop in McMahon’s Point so that TC could marvel at the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House. We’re here for a couple of days, and looking forward to some great light displays during the Vivid Festival.

SHB and Opera House - 6 June 2016

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