The Veronica chronicles: Brisbane to Tenterfield

Day One of the road trip, it must be said, was not the blue sky day we might have hoped for. This morning’s newspaper cartoon describes the mood best.

Leahy cartoon - 4 June 2016 copy

An hour in, we were sitting in a cafe in Beaudesert, having an early lunch and watching the staff clean up water puddles from leaks in their roof.  We decided to take the forest route to Tenterfield rather than go via the shorter and smoother New England Highway option.

Beaudesert to Tenterfield

The landscape didn’t disappoint. TC wielded her iPhone skills to bring us these highlights.


The Bell Miners (more commonly known as bellbirds) were in full song. Other wildlife highlights were kangaroos (lots of them), cockatoos, herons, egrets and crimson rosellas.

In the town of Drake, we found some King Parrots feeding by the road.

female King Parrot - Drake - 4 June 2016

We arrived in Tenterfield around 4.00 pm, and swung around to the Tenterfield Saddler (made famous by Peter Allen) before checking in to our evening’s accommodation.

Tenterfield Saddler - 4 June 2016

A pre-dinner walk in the main street, and a Thai green curry cooked in our room fresh from the road trip provisions ended what was a pretty good day, given the weather.

Tenterfield Post Office - 4 June 2016School of Arts - Tenterfield - 4 June 2016

Dinner 4 June 2016 - Green curry - pumpkin, bamboo shoots, cauliflower

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