Daily Archives: 02/11/2015

Our last full day in Istanbul started with a late breakfast and a drop in to an agency to book transport to the airport tomorrow afternoon.

We treated ourselves to a pomegranate juice on the walk up to Suleymaniye Mosque.

Istanbul Sunday 1 Nov - 1Istanbul 1 Nov - 2

The mosque affords amazing views of the city from its hillside location. We arrived at the same time as prayers were taking place and listened to some glorious singing while we waited in the courtyard.

Istanbul 1 Nov - 13Istanbul 1 Nov - 10Istanbul 1 Nov - 12

Next up, a couple of ferry rides to get us to the Dolmabahce Palace, with its chandeliers, tromp d’oiel wall art, crystal staircase and other glitz. I’d show you some photographs, except ‘no pictures’.

As we’d skipped lunch, we opted for an early dinner in Taksim. I was on the hunt for Gozleme. Success!

Istanbul 1 Nov - 5

Istanbul 1 Nov - 14

Nothing more for our last night than to seek out another amazing dessert place. Yes it was.

Istanbul 1 Nov - 11

To finish off, a few posters, some street art and more food.

Istanbul 1 Nov - 4Istanbul 1 Nov - 6

Istanbul 1 Nov - 8

Istanbul 1 Nov - 9