Istanbul: a ferry up the Bosphorus and some

This morning we took a ferry and shared the waterway to the Black Sea with fishing boats, container ships and other ferries.
Bosphorous - castle

We got to choose our own lunch.

Bosphorous - fish selection

and were entertained by other fish lovers.

Bosphorous - 1 - Cormorant

Bosphorous 2 - gull

Back in town, we mastered the art of buying a Istanbul card for the transit systems.

Istanbul Day 2 - 1

then made our way to Taksim where we discovered this place of sweet beauty – Hasif Mustafa.

Istanbul Day 2 - Hasif Mustafa 2

Istanbul Day 2 - Hasif Mustafa

Everyone was out and about on this Friday night, the day after Turkey’s National Day and two days before an election.

Istanbul Day 2 - Friday night - TaksimIstanbul Day 2 - 3Istanbul Day 2 - 2

After dinner, between the funicular and tram rides home, we walked across Galata Bridge while men fished in view of the New Mosque.

Istanbul Day 2 - New Mosque - men fishing off bridge

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