Morocco: a taste of Casablanca

We arrived in Casablanca by bus from El Jadida yesterday afternoon.  It’s a city of more than 3.5 million people with all of the edginess you might expect.

This morning’s focus was the Hussan II Mosque. See photos here. Afterwards, we took a taxi south to the Corniche, home to resort hotels and a shopping mall, then wandered a little along the beach. Here’s a taste of some of the captures thus far. We have reserved a table at Rick’s Cafe for dinner tonight.

Casablanca’s tram system is very new.

Casablanca 5

Last night it rained briefly. This cat took shelter under a motor bike cover.

Casablanca 4

There is large-scale construction going on along the port side of the city. A big marina is one of the projects underway.

Casablanca 3

There was a big swell off the coast today. The waves were rolling big and fast near El Hank Lighthouse.

Casablanca coast 1

Love me some street art.

Casablanca 1

Here’s looking at you, kid.

Casablanca 2

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