Morocco: a stroll around the coastal town of El Jadida

The old man who guides us through the 16th century Portugeuse Cistern finger-writes dates on the wall to assist our understanding of the construction of this vaulted water collection marvel.

Citerne Portugaise 1

Citerne Portugaise 2

Citerne Portugaise 3

We walk around the ramparts of the old Portugeuse city taking in the view from the bastions on the sea side of the walls.

Cite Portugaise 3

Cite Portugaise 1

Cite Portugaise 2

At the wharves where the fishing trawlers dock and fishmongers ply their trade, the egrets compete with gulls for the spoils.

El Jadida fish market 2

El Jadida fish market 1

El Jadida fish market 3

Along the beach, fathers and their children spend time together on this Saturday morning playing with soccer balls, taking horse rides, watching them build sand castles and walking along the shoreline as the tide comes in.

El Jadida beach

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