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Some scenes from a drive around Merzouga’s surrounds today.

Yes – dunes.

Merzouga surrounds 1

A boy with a captive desert fox.

Merzouga surrounds 2

The landscape on the edge of the desert varies considerably. The ranges in the background form a border to Algeria.

Merzouga surrounds 3

The remains of an old coal mining village. Quartz was also mined here and some people still live in the old houses.

Merzouga surrounds 4

Camels belonging to nomads graze on tree leaves.

Merzouga surrounds 6

We ate Berber pide for lunch.

Merzouga surrounds 7

The wind picked up during the afternoon and visibility dropped as sand and dust moved off dunes and rock masses.

Merzouga surrounds 8

There are fossil sites everywhere.

Merzouga surrounds 9

The sky turned a light mauve as the sand moved in across the quite desolate plains.

Merzouga surrounds 11

Merzouga surrounds 10

I am posting this as a huge gale is blowing outside. In the foyer of our hotel, it’s dark except for a few lamps. The doors are shut to keep out the sand.

An hour or so before sunset on Saturday, we set out on a ride into the dunes near Merzouga for an overnight camp in the desert with the assistance of Hussain, our all-in-one camel leader, chef and musician.
Desert camp out 1

Desert camp out 2

  • Desert campout 3
  • Desert camp out 4
  • We met a couple from Lithuania at our tent site and shared dinner of an olive salad, pasta, and chicken and potato tagine. In case anyone’s wondering, the alcohol free days here are going very well.

Desert camp out 5

  • Desert camp out a

Desert camp out b

Desert camp out 5 b

Desert camp out 6

 Desert camp out 7

Desert camp out 8