Daily Archives: 16/10/2015

Yesterday morning a guide with local knowledge showed us around the mazes that are Fes Medina.

Donkeys and mules still carry goods in and out of the alley ways. Street cats are seemingly in every nook. It’s easy to get lost and, even if you do, it’s an entertainment to find your way.

The tea houses are a meeting place for men only for conversations over hot mint tea, with or without sugar cubes. Each quarter in the Medina traditionally housed a mosque (usually more than one), a fountain for water supplies, Turkish baths, a bakery and a school (Medarsah).

Here are a few of the captures on the walk.

Medarsah Bou Inania where the intricacies of work in cedar, plaster, mosaic and marble come together in a magnificent space with a central courtyard fountain.

Cedar ceiling in a Medersa - Fes

Medarsa Bou Inania - minaret

Fes - Medersa - reflection in courtyard fountain

Artisans in the Medina group together in souqs to sell their goods or services.

Knife sharpeners

Fes - knife sharpener

Copper beaters

Fes - copper pot artisans


Fes - bread maker

There are many mosques within the confines of the Medina wall. Non-Muslims are not permitted to enter, but may take photographs in and around the entrances if prayers are not taking place.

Fes - Tijani Mosque entrance

Mosque exterior decoration

The 14th century water clock which measured time by the hour, although experts can’t quite figure out how it worked.

Fes - old water clock

There are food stalls everywhere. We stopped for some fava bean soup with olive oil and cumin as additions. Delicious!

Fes - serving fava soup with olive oil