Daily Archives: 13/10/2015

A quieter day today. We took a ride to the Metro station Principe Pio to look for a chapel that houses frescoes by Goya. Like most of the museums and monuments today, it was closed. Still, his name does hold great kudos around this part of town.

Madrid cityscapes 5

Madrid cityscapes 4

Madrid cityscapes 6

Madrid cityscapes 7

The Palace was closed today. We did manage to see the guards march off duty after some ceremonial gathering in the courtyard.

Madrid cityscapes 8

I am liking the fact that eating occurs any time at all here. Although we haven’t tested out the early hours of the morning as we’ve been sleeping late. “When in Rome …”

Madrid cityscapes 9

The Museum of Queen Sofia houses a large collection of 20th century artists including Dali, Max Ernst, Man Ray. Kandinsky and of course, Picasso.

Reina Sofia Museum 3

Reina Sofia Museum - Man Ray - Indestructible Object

Reina Sofia Museum - Max Ernst - Oiseaux Rouges

Reina Sofia Musem 4

Here are some images of Guernica by Pablo Picasso. Photography was not allowed in this part of the gallery. The scale and imagery in its tones of grey, white and black are pretty impressive.

Guernica images

We spent the rest of the afternoon sharing the streets, plazas and parks with the rest of the population of Madrid as they enjoyed this weekend of their national holiday – Fiesta Nacional de Espana – which celebrates the landing of Christopher Columbus on the North American continent.

Madrid - Atocha Station

Madrid - street performers 2

Madrid street performers 1

Madrid - cityscapes 1

A ride to the top of Circulo de Bellas Artes provided great views around sunset.

Madrid cityscapes 11

Madrid cityscapes 12

Madrid cityscapes 2

Madrid cityscapes 3