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We took Bus Number 2 up to Diamond Head crater carrying rain jackets which, as it turned out, was a good call. We headed off on the hiking trail together, but I was never going to make it all the way. Himself has a great photo from the top which he may be kind enough to share on this post. I have a photo of the shelter near the Visitor Centre as the rain came down and down.

Diamond Head signage

Walking into Diamond Head crater

Diamond Head crater

Taking shelter at Diamond Head

When you board the USS Bowfin at Pearl Harbour, you understand how well the crew needed to get along. Can’t help wondering if one of the selection criteria for submariners is to not be very tall.

USS Bowfin 5USS Bowfin 4USS Bowfin - 1USS Bowfin 3
USS Bowfin 2

We took the boat out to view the USS Arizona Memorial. Due to recent storms and flash flooding, the water was very murky, making it impossible to view the sunken vessel.  This view is taken from the USS Missouri mooring site, looking down Battleship Row where so much damage was done when the Japanese bombed the harbour in 1941.

Arizona Memorial Site from moorings of USS Missouri on Battleship Row

The USS Missouri is out of commission these days. The Japanese Instrument of Surrender was signed on the Missouri in Tokyo Bay on 2 September 1941.
USS Missouri 2

USS Missouri 3

View from the bridge - USS Missouri

This statue is one by Seward Johnson, also famous for his Forever Marilyn piece.

USS Missouri 1

We’re off again, this time circumnavigating the planet over a couple of months with some amazing destinations ahead of us. Our first stop is Honolulu for a few days. We’re staying a couple of blocks away from Waikiki Beach which favoured us with some sunshine on our first day, in between pretty consistent rain showers and the odd storm.

Diamond Head Waikiki boards for hire - Waikiki Beach Waikiki Beach panorama - 11 Sep 2015