Daily Archives: 25/05/2015

The pieces for our next leg of travel (getting to Colombo) weren’t fitting together. The internet wasn’t helpful as we couldn’t access the Sri Lankan rail timetable. There was conflicting advice from travel blogs about the availability of first class tickets and our hotel wasn’t set up to assist with travel advice.

In the hopes that another place might be more helpful, we moved to a hotel further south on the lake. As we walked in that direction, a tuk-tuk driver named Bandula sought our custom.

Accidental finger biting possible

Where are you from? Where are you going? What are you doing today? We mentioned that we wanted to go to Colombo on Monday.

9.42 train.

First class?

No. First class hasn’t been available for 18 months. Second class is very comfortable. You will have your own seats.

He then called the railway station and ascertained that we could pre-book them. After we dropped our bags, we were off to the Railway Station at Polonnaruwa in search of tickets.

Come this way.

Before we knew it, we were behind the counter getting individual attention.

Polonnaruwa Station - tickets to Colombo

Seats booked, we headed back to our new digs with tickets in hand and a tuk-tuk booking for the next morning.