Daily Archives: 23/05/2015

It was going to be an unlikely ask, me climbing up to see the ancient site on top of the rock that is Sigiriya. That is, until I saw a response from Patti Digh to a post I made on Facebook about today’s plans.


I’m guessing that it was either the UPPER CASE LETTERS or the exclamation mark that caused the shift.

So it was that I decided that I would attempt the unthinkable, what with somewhat dodgy knees and the occasional fear of climbing on the edge of high places. And 16 year old Patti would be the one to hold my hand on her return visit to this place.

Notwithstanding the wind and some serious rail gripping, I did make it up the last steps (having rested for a very long time near the end) only to receive a resounding “Bravo!” at the top from three Russian travellers.

Thanks for the push, Patti. I hope these pics evoke some more memories of your time in Sri Lanka. And please tell me that you did actually climb to the top!

Sigariya 1 Sigariya 2 Sigariya 3Sigariya 9Sigariya 4Sigariya 15Sigariya 5Sigariya 7Sigariya 10 Sigariya 12Sigariya 14Sigiriya 11Sigiriya 8Sigiriya 6