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We visited a dozen temples around Bagan on a day when the thermometer reached 43 degrees C. Everywhere you look in this region, there’s a pagoda to be seen. The interiors provided some level of comfort from the heat, with the occasional breeze wafting through some corridors.

The people selling local crafts, drinks and mangoes were doing it tough today. Rob bought two mangoes and delighted the women by borrowing their knife and demonstrating the easy way to cut and eat the flesh (with a blunt knife). They declared it ‘very clever’.

A few of the temples didn’t allow inside photography. It was almost impossible to make out the frescoes at Gubyaukgyi. As I was leaving, an elderly woman, whose face was richly adorned with thanaka paste, insisted I go back in. Some local people had arrived and a guide had activated the lighting system. Think light globe on a selfie stick, only with a very, very long cord.

The paths to the temples were so hot today, people were running to get to a cool spot to land their bare feet.

I’ve pared down the photographs to give you some idea of the diversity of temples, architectural styles and decoration.


Shwezigon Pagoda

Shwezigon Paya - zedi

Shwezigon Paya - zedi and tree decorShwezigon Paya - tree decoration detail

Pyat Thut Gi

Pyat Gi Thut exterior

Sulamani Pahto (my favourite, largely because of the detailed frescos and decorations)

Sulamani Pahto - entranceSulamani Pahto - exterior detailSulamani Pahto - vaulted ceiling detailSulamani Pahto - fresco 2Sulamani Pahto - interior frescoSulamani Pahto - fresco 4Sulamani Pahto - pedastal detailSulamani Pahto - fresco 3

Dhammayangyi Pahto

Dhammayangyi Pahto - exterior

Dhammayangyi Pahto - Sleeping BuddhaDhammayangyi Pahto - marionettes for sale

Ananda Pahto (under considerable restoration)

Ananda Pahto - exterior - stupaAnanda Pahto - grounds - restorationAnanda Pahto - restoration work

Ananda Pahto - scaffold around Buddha

Lunch at Moon Restaurant (Be Kind to Animals) – a cool spot to rehydrate.

Moon Restaurant - garden parasols

Than Daw Ga Pagoda

ThanDawGa Pagoda - Buddha - lava stone - earthquake restoration

Nagayon Pagoda

Nagayon Temple 2Nagayon Temple

Late breakfast for one,

Just Sprite for the other.

Watermelon and hot tea,

toast and water.

A trip to the pharmacy.

– over the counter.

Choose your own meds.

Small change prices.

Drugs dispensed,

Sleep until mid-afternoon.

Walk to town.

Cold lime and ginger drink

Recovery of sorts.

Sunset at the temples.

Htilomilo TempleThatbyinmyu TempleBagan temples 2Old Bagan - temple at sunsetSunset at BaganSunset gazing - 5 May 2015B&W red comic effect - Bagan templesparasol shop - Nyaung U