The U Bein Bridge at Amarapura

Where?   Just outside Mandalay, near the town of Amarapura on Taungthaman Lake.

What?     The U Bein Bridge – the world’s oldest and longest teakwood bridge

When Burma’s capital city was moved to nearby Mandalay around 1859, U Bein, the mayor who served under Burma’s King Bodawpaya arranged for the dismantling and recycling of teak from the palace of Amarapura to construct this 1.2 km long bridge across the lake. With the exception of some more recent replacement concrete pylons, the bridge’s columns and planks are made entirely of teak.

The bridge serves commuters in the area, particularly during the peak hours around dawn and dusk.

Today was a Saturday, and a significant day in the Buddhist calendar. Everyone was out for the day and a gentle jostle was had by all as we crossed over the waterway and came back facing into the setting sun. Look Mum, no safety rails!U Bein Bridge 11U Bein Bridge 10

U Bein Bridge 9

U Bein Bridge 7U Bein Bridge 6

U Bein Bridge 5

U Bein Bridge 4U Bein Bridge 3U Bein Bridge 2U Bein Bridge 1


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